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08.08.2014 The "Performance Matrix" screening method

Who is the Performance Matrix suitable for?

We use this screening method for active people over the age of 12. It is used in professional sports to aid prevention training and performance optimization (NBA Basketball, Premier League Football).


What to expect during the test?

An expert asks you to perform 10 different exercises. While you carry out these simple movements, a therapist documents the observations on the online test site. The screening takes 40 - 50 minutes to complete.


What happens with the results?

The evaluation of the movements provides insight into motor control in a range of different positions. According to the amount and frequency of evasive movements, a training plan with corrective exercises is created, that initially will be followed together with a therapist and then independently at home or at a gym. 


What is the cost of this screening?

The time needed to complete the entire process is roughly 2 hours. At the conclusion you will be provided with your test results and an individual training plan. The cost of the complete package ranges from 200 to 250 Euros. To monitor the exercises, a minimum of one further appointment is recommended. Please feel free to contact us via or via telephone (089 62747000). We look forward to advising you on your particular needs!