Back in shape

  • Following surgery involving the musculoskeletal system
  • Conservative follow-up treatment of sports related injuries
  • Chronic conditions involving the musculoskeletal system

Rehabilitation means comprehensive and intensive care. In your initial phase of healing your physiotherapist will employ mainly passive treatment techniques and further supportive measures. These treatments, such as those involving the decrease of swelling and pain or an increase of mobilization, can speed up your recovery. Depending on your state of recovery, we will proceed with individually tailored active therapy, which will allow you to reach your goal step by step. We will prepare you for your daily tasks and challenges and bring you back to being able to move freely.

Whether you are an ambitious recreational or professional athlete, we will restore your fitness for sports and everyday life. In doing so, we call upon our many years of experience in high-performance sports and the most modern equipment. With Return-to-Activity (RTA) Tests we can objectively measure if your rehabilitation is complete or whether further interventions are required.

Even if you are not involved in sports, you are in good hands with us. All rehabilitation is individually designed, based on the needs and goals of every patient.