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22.04.2014 How we settle

The health services offered by OSPHYSIO training & therapie may be charged either on the basis of a prescription or as a private treatment option. The amount of any health insurance rebate is dependent on your individual insurance coverage. We are happy to discuss all options with you. Our concept allows for the extra time involved in conversations, tests or screenings. It is therefore not possible to bill your health insurer (such as AOK, DAK, BKK, BGs etc.) directly. Their cover unfortunately does not provide for these benefits. Generally, however, every patient is welcome - no matter what their age or fitness level. If no private insurance coverage is available, you are most welcome to work with us and settle your payments directly.


We recommend you attain a doctor\'s prescription. Just discuss a potential physiotherapeutic treatment with your doctor of choice. Please feel free to contact us should you require a recommendation for a particular medical specialist. OSPHYSIO is an independent service provider and is in constant exchange with superb network partners.

The duration of the treatment and/or training session involves roughly one hour with one of our therapists. Please allow for additional time for possible passive measures such as heat and cryotherapy, electro- or magneto-therapy. We can gladly provide you with exact information on the costs involved during your first personal contact with us.

Don\'t hesitate to contact us and tell us your individual concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

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